Growing older doesn't have to mean giving up things you value most about living.

Long-Term Care

Long-term care at the Households of Haven Nursing Center is designed for those who cannot meet their medical and/or non-medical needs on their own, but want to live a purposeful and meaningful life.

Long-term Care Redefined

Providing licensed nursing care within the innovative household model, Haven Nursing Center redefines long-term care in a way that revolves completely around the preferences and choices of our residents.

Instead of a hospital or institution, it is first and foremost a home. The décor, layout and functioning of Haven Nursing Center are designed especially for comfort, dignity and independence. Residents receive quality clinical care in a highly residential setting.

What you will find in Haven Nursing Center are features you’d expect in any home — private bedrooms, open dining and living areas and a family-style, resident-friendly kitchen bustling as the heart of the home.

Two very basic beliefs inspired the development of the household model that completely transform the way we provide long-term care (also known as nursing home care) for our older adults:

  • Growing older and needing extra care should not mean having to give up the things you value most in your life.
  • All of us thrive best in an environment that is familiar, that is normal, that is the way we’ve lived our lives always.