Rooted in Family ・ Dedicated to Person-Centered Care ・ Committed to Quality

Skilled Nursing is Different at Haven

What makes us different? The answer is our commitment to family and community. Haven has been caring for family and friends for over 60 years. We are family owned, and family operated. Rooted in family, dedicated to person-centered care and committed to quality, so that residents and patients at Haven continue to live meaningful lives with individual voices heard and individual choices respected.


Designed Like Home

Four Small Households

The residents of Haven live in small households that are designed, furnished and operated like a home. Each of the 4 distinct households has a large, old fashioned, front porch, a cozy living room area with a fireplace, a residential-style kitchen and a small, informal dining area.

The household is each resident’s home and sanctuary, staffed consistently by the same caregivers that know and develop relationships with each resident.

Memory Care

An Individual Approach

Within the Households at Haven, we take a person-centered approach to memory care, focusing on the individual. Care is devoted to bringing normalcy and security to the lives of every resident. The household design is uniquely suited to support individuals with memory challenges as the environment design represents the familiar characteristics of home.

Our memory care household includes an outdoor courtyard created to support independence in a secure environment.

Household Kitchens

The Heart of Home

The household kitchen is the heart of each household. Open 24 hours a day, residents snack from the fully stocked pantry of food and snacks. Residents often share their favorite recipe or participate in the preparation of a special meal or dessert.

Residents and caregiving staff will often be found in the kitchen baking cookies, sipping coffee and visiting around the dining room tables. Celebrations and activities are a daily occurrence. Life happens in the kitchen!

Resident Choice

Key to Everyday Life

Residents living in the Households at Haven are able to express choice and practice self-determination in meaningful ways at every level of daily life.

Daily routines revolve around resident preferences and choices. Self-determination, choice and autonomy are encouraged. Residents choose when to wake up, when to eat, what to eat, and when and how they prefer to bathe. Household life is “normal,” spontaneous and full of new experiences.

Private Rooms

Provide Privacy and Security

Within each household, the majority of residents live in generously sized, fully furnished, private bedrooms. Couples, siblings or friends may choose to share a bedroom. Residents are always welcome to move in their own furniture if desired. Cable TV and Wi-Fi is available for no additional fee.

Single occupancy rooms are available for all payor sources, including Medicaid for no additional cost to residents or family members.

Relationships Matter

Family Caring for Family

A familiar family of caregivers provide assistance to residents as they live lives of meaning, value and joy within their household home. Consistent assignment of caregiving staff within each household, allows for the development of meaningful relationships between the resident and the caregivers.

Come visit! There is always a place at the table for friends and family within the households. The coffee is hot and the smiles are abundant. Family members and friends are always welcome.